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16:00 - 18:00

Circular Breathing Journey – Breathe into Spring with Rukaiya Garza

SPRING IS HERE!! Please be welcome to join an intensive rebirthing experience through
circular breathing, designed for those who are looking to cultivate or deepen an intimate connection with Self, as well as activate the body’s self-healing capacities and connection with the rhythms of the Earth. We will enter a safe container that will allow us to journey into the vast universe inside of ourselves. The journey will include possible yoga and some vigorous movement to ground into our bodies, as well as a deep relaxation intended to support the body in entering into a state of rest and repair. This journey is an intermediate level experience, however it is accessible to those who have physical limitations or beginners who are committed to the process. The session will last about 90 minutes, followed by tea and nuts. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, with warm layers. If you have a sheep skin or something warm to lay on, please bring it, as the floor can be cold.
-Yoga mats, cushions and blankets, healing elixir tea and nuts are provided.
-When you email to register, please indicate whether you have previous experience with circular breathing (similar to the Wim Hof Method), as well as if you have any physical or mental disabilities or concerns.
-Donation must be received in advance. Payment info upon registration. Please cancel 24 hours in advance for full refund of donation.
I look forward to breathing into Spring together! —Rukaiya

Breathe into Spring with Rukaiya Garza
Het Element
22 March, 2024
Suggested Donation: €25-€35


Circular Breathing Journey – Breathe into Spring with Rukaiya Garza