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28 02 24


09:00 - 12:00

✨🌳WORKSHOP “Goddess Umai and the Power of Lineage” with Hereditary Shamaness Celine🌳✨

Lieve vrouw,
28 feb 2024 van 9:00-12:00 uur geeft Hereditary Shamaness Celine een workshop in Het Element. Kom je ook?
Je kunt me bij mij aanmelden
Het is op donatiebasis, met een indicatie van 15 euro.

In this workshop, we will conduct deeper work with the womb, at the next level. It will be a very powerful ritual – the purification of the womb of our lineage!

We will connect deeply with the Goddess Umai – the Goddess of the World of the Present – and receive her blessings for ourselves, our loved ones and our whole lineage. Goddess Umai gives us health, fertility, prosperity, preserves our youth and harmonious relationships. With the natural powers and helper spirits of Umai, we will purify our womb and fill it with beautiful, revitalising feminine energy.

It will be a magical and deep ceremony of connection with Umai, with the power of Mother Nature, in which Umai will awaken our feminine power through the womb of our lineage. Thereby the powerful natural energy of a woman will be reawakened!

The Power of Mother Nature will strengthen the energy of health in our family, ancestors and descendants – in our whole lineage.

Please bring:

  • photos of your dearest ones, who you would like to pray for. Please bring copies, not original ones
  • white (light coloured) and comfortable loose clothes for moving freely. Best is to wear a skirt, but nor mandatory.
  • snacks and water for yourself
  • a notebook and pen
  • your own drum, if you already have one
✨🌳WORKSHOP “Goddess Umai and the Power of Lineage” with Hereditary Shamaness Celine🌳✨

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